Portrait of NHS Dr Pollie Ravji

This is a painting of a young friend of my son who works as a doctor in the NHS. Dr Pollie Ravji is a Medical Registrar at St.John's Hospital in Livingstone. During the Corona virus epidemic she tells me the usual routine of the hospital

Painting of a young girl

Portrait of a young girl

This painting is one which is very close to my heart. The young girl is my first granddaughter Rosie Isabella. She is such a beautiful child with a bright and adventurous nature. Always interested in what's going on and very quick to grasp onto new

Painting in progress White tree in winter

White tree in winter

A new painting in progress! It is almost finished but the background needs some work. I love the way the branches become thinner and more complicated toward the ends. After that, they fan out and wave around as they reach the air in which they

New portrait page

Today, I added a new page to my website! I am not much of a technical wizard so was really delighted when it seemed to work perfectly. Unfortunately no-one else could but never mind, I'll get some expert help and before long all of my

Scottish wild flowers

I sold this Scottish wild flower painting recently at a Wasps Christmas Artist Market in Inverness. It was one of my favourites and I so a wee bit sad to see it go, although the lady who bought it was absolutely delighted with her find!

The life force

A new self portrait with an allegorical twist. Named The life force, for my father who used to call himself by that name, only half joking. He was something of a character with lots of energy and also had a lot to say! It also

The beauty of flowers

The beauty of flowers is one of the marvels of nature. They are designed to attract insects and flying creatures in order to pollinate and of course to propagate their species but how beautiful they are! So  many thousands of different varieties there are in

Latest self portrait

An acrylic self portrait from last year! It is strange but looking at it now, I really don't recognise myself but at the time of putting the paint to canvas it seemed perfectly realistic in an artistic sense. The fact is that artists continually develop