Emerging from the mist into the light

This was my first real success of a painting! An oil on canvas and a square about 60x60cms in size.It had all the attributes I had looked for in my work as an artist up until that point. It had happened accidentally as often the best paintings do. There had been another painting underneath and I had thrown some new colour on, really to obliterate the one below. But then I thought I could use some of the shapes beneath so I left them. Once it had dried, I drew the most beautiful yacht I had seen recently. It was a traditional sailing boat made from wood and although I adapted the shape slightly for my painting, it was this French boat which inspired me. I wanted also to create a soft hazy feel with different shapes appearing as if through mist. I used a great number of glazes and scumbles in blues and gorgeous sea greens. I had worked the composition out by using a grid to try to place my boat in the best position but when it came time to paint the grid lines out, I had grown to love them, so I left the echo of the lines which added something mysterious. The title just emerged as I was working on the painting, It seemed appropriate in a literal sense but it also added something I’d been looking for in my work for a long time. Meaning other than the subject directly depicted, a philosophical connection with hope and light.

I sold this painting a couple of years ago in a gallery in Glasgow but I still love it and remember that feeling of it being just right for me.

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