Painting of a young girl

Portrait of a young girl

This painting is one which is very close to my heart. The young girl is my first granddaughter Rosie Isabella. She is such a beautiful child with a bright and adventurous nature. Always interested in what’s going on and very quick to grasp onto new ideas and activities.She has a lovely complexion and blonde hair.

I actually painted this from a photograph which is not my usual strategy but at two and half years old, it’s almost impossible to remain still for more than a couple of minutes.

I hope it conveys an idea of her inner spirit and her healthy love of the outdoors. She is a couple of years older now so maybe a new portrait is due. This time she may even sit for me!

The canvas support is of linen which I deliberately left bare. I liked the texture and felt it enhanced the natural beauty of my young subject. I drew the head first in charcoal. Then blocked in the different colours before developing the skin tones and hair colour. I love to use charcoal and here defined some edges to emphasise certain features.

Commissions of similar portraits of adults or children considered. E-mail me for further information.

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