Latest self portrait

An acrylic self portrait from last year! It is strange but looking at it now, I really don’t recognise myself but at the time of putting the paint to canvas it seemed perfectly realistic in an artistic sense. The fact is that artists continually develop so the work is constantly changing, hopefully for the better.
This painting was drawn initially with fine charcoal directly onto the canvas, then gradually built up in layers of thin acrylic. This is my usual method so it’s more to do with the space around the head. The composition has no space for anything else just the head. I find it quite imposing now and wonder what other people think?
It is quite a small painting, only 30x40cms and I think that’s something to do with confidence. I think my next self portrait will be bigger!

This last paragraph I am writing a couple of years later. It’s 5th September 2020. We are in the middle of the Covid Crisis and the whole world has lost its bearings. We are floating around in a confused state, constantly worrying about the chances of contacting the virus and spreading it to others.

I have been looking again at this self portrait and noticing the worried, troubled expression on my face. It is interesting how life moves on and the painting stays the same, although in this case, I have already started painting over it. maybe soon I’ll post it in addition to show how change happens, whether we like it or not!

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