The beauty of flowers

The beauty of flowers is one of the marvels of nature. They are designed to attract insects and flying creatures in order to pollinate and of course to propagate their species but how beautiful they are! So  many thousands of different varieties there are in each country and all bringing us colour and beauty in our everyday lives. I love to draw and paint them from life . I am not a botanical artist, although I do appreciate the work of certain artists, for example Rory McEwan. His flowers particularly the tulips and the roses are exquisite. There are few with such a gift as he .

My painting is looser and more expressive, maybe a little invented sometimes but I always paint from life. If I think a curve or a twist will suit the painting I bend it to my will or turn the flower to show the other side. Often I will exaggerate the intensity of the colour or possibly change it altogether. I draw with charcoal first of all then add some colour, often re-defining the drawing as I go.

This painting, “The beauty of flowers” is one of these paintings that just happened. I had the two sets of flowers in the house, my favourite white lilies and also some blue iris. The striped vase I bought in France and it has a rough texture of a hand thrown pot. I threw in the invented vivid pink background which seemed to bring it all to life. This one is for sale at my Artfinder shop!

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