Painting in progress White tree in winter

White tree in winter

A new painting in progress! It is almost finished but the background needs some work. I love the way the branches become thinner and more complicated toward the ends. After that, they fan out and wave around as they reach the air in which they breathe.

I need though to lead the eye around the painting because this way a viewer has a more positive experience. In other words, the upper branches I plan to darken and curve round to keep the viewer’s interest.The snow has been coming and going totally uncaring about the skiers who are desperate for a heavy fall. At the moment the light dusting creates a halfway feeling between winter and spring.

I think I may add some texture in several areas ie the grassy patch in the foreground and on the snowy hillside behind. It is always tricky to decide how much colour, detail or actual shapes to include. I usually add too much but at least now I am aware of my quirks!

Painting, however is a form of connection with the world around me so no matter where the painting goes, I feel as though I’ve expressed my first sight and emotion it created. It is also interesting for me if others enjoy looking at my work

Please feel free to make a comment about my work! It really helps to understand how others respond to my paintings. Thank you!

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